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Sending a parcel across oceans is a heartfelt connection to those we cherish, residing oceans away in the vibrant expanse of the United States. 

Join us as we unravel the optimal route to bridge the miles and deliver your affections wrapped in parcels, straight to the doorsteps of our loved ones.

Procedure to Send Parcel from India to USA

First of all, let’s understand the intricacies of this process, from documentation to customs, and the crucial role of a trusted logistics partner to help you navigate these complexities seamlessly.

Sending a Parcel from India to the USA

Documentation: Initiating an international parcel shipment demands meticulous attention to documentation. 

This includes accurately filling out shipping forms, providing comprehensive invoices detailing the contents and value of the parcel, and ensuring compliance with specific regulations for international shipping.

Customs Procedures: Navigating through customs procedures is a critical aspect of sending parcels overseas. It involves adhering to country-specific regulations, tariff classifications, and customs declarations. 

Understanding and fulfilling these requirements accurately is essential to facilitate smooth customs clearance at both ends of the shipment journey.

Packaging Requirements: Proper packaging is crucial to safeguard the contents of the parcel during transit. Following international packaging standards ensures the safety and integrity of the items being shipped. 

Tailoring packaging to the nature of the goods—be it fragile items or perishables—plays a significant role in ensuring their safe arrival.

Sending parcels from India to the USA can be complex, and that’s why having a reliable logistics partner matters. 

They’re experts in handling paperwork, customs rules, and packing requirements, making sure your parcel gets there smoothly. 

  • With the right partner, you can trust your package to travel hassle-free from India to the USA, knowing it’s in good hands.

Normal Charges For Sending Foreign Parcel From India To USA

Sending parcels from India to the USA incurs various costs, influenced by market rates and average charges. Typically, the costs vary based on factors like parcel weight, size, chosen shipping method, and any added services.

Factors Influencing Charges

Parcel Weight and Size: Heavier or larger parcels usually incur higher costs due to increased handling and space occupancy during transit.

Shipping Method: Different shipping methods—air, sea, or express—come with varying costs. Air shipping tends to be quicker but may cost more compared to sea freight, which is usually more economical for larger shipments.

Additional Services: Services like insurance, tracking, and special handling may affect the overall cost. These services provide added security and convenience but might increase the total charges.

Understanding these influencing factors is crucial when estimating the charges for sending a parcel from India to the USA. It’s wise to explore these elements to make informed decisions about the shipping method and services aligned with your needs.

Affordable Charges for Sending Parcel from India to USA

At Euro Logistics World, our mission revolves around offering a competitive pricing structure for sending parcels globally. 

We understand the significance of affordable yet reliable shipping solutions and strive to ensure that our pricing remains competitive without compromising on quality or service excellence.

India to USA Parcel Charges

Charges for Different Weight Brackets

  1. 0.5 – 3kg Parcels: For parcels within this weight range, our charges start at Rs. 1000. We believe in transparent pricing, ensuring that you know the cost upfront without hidden fees or surprises.
  2. 20+ kg Parcels: Larger parcels, weighing 20 kilograms or more, enjoy a starting rate of Rs. 580. We aim to offer cost-effectiveness without compromising the efficiency and security of your shipment.

Note: Prices given above might vary. These rates are subject to change. These rates were taken at the time of writing the article.

We emphasize transparency in our pricing model and ensure that our customers are well-informed about the costs involved, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding their shipments. 

Our pricing structure is designed to be competitive, reflecting our commitment to providing reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions for parcels from India to the USA.


Sending parcels from India to the USA entails navigating a complex web of procedures and charges. Understanding the nuances of documentation, customs, and shipping costs is pivotal in ensuring a smooth and efficient transit for your package.

Choosing the right logistics partner is not just about moving parcels; it’s about entrusting your shipment to experts who understand the intricacies of international shipping. 

With Euro Logistics World, you can rely on competitive pricing, expertise in navigating complexities, and a commitment to ensuring your parcel’s secure and seamless journey from India to the USA.

Book your parcel today and discover the Euro Logistics World difference today.

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